Overview of past eventsHighlights

Kimberly-Clark Distinguised lecture by Mark Knacksted on Digital Materials Design (DMD). (September 2019)

Lecture on ‘coupling of free and porous media flow’ by Prof. Rainer Helmig. (June 2019)

Workshop on ‘pore-scale studies of mutiphase flow in porous media’. (December 2018)

Special symposium to honour of the scientific and educational contributions of Prof dr. ir. S. Majid Hassanizadeh. (November 2018)


Lecture by Prof. Andro Mikelic form Universite Lyon 1 on phase-field modeling of a fluid-driven fracture in a poroelastic medium. (March 2018) 

Lecture by professor Prof. Jan Nordbotten from Bergen University, Norway on Modelling and discretization of thin inclusions for flow in deformable porous media. (December 2017)

Lecture on computer simulation of mutiscale processes in porous electrodes of Li-ion batteries by Prof. Oleg Iliev. (October 2017)

Introductory one-day course on Multiphysics modelling using the software COMSOL Multiphysics©. (December 2016) 

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