This theme focuses on physical structure (changes) in porous materials. An example is fracture formation in porous materials. Fractions occur in earthquakes but are also artificially initiated to increase the contact surface between the rock and the pore fluid in the subsurface. In this way the mass and heat transport in the subsurface is increased. This is not only important for the oil and gas industry (production improvement) but also for geothermal applications (improved heat exchange). On the microscale, this fracture formation also occurs in porous absorbent composite materials with controlled expansion under the influence of moisture absorption. Existing numerical techniques are not capable of adequately predicting the complicated fracturing processes. Expertise in experimental (UU) and numerical area (TU/e) is combined in this consortium. Within this theme, two research consortia are already active with substantial industrial sponsorship. In light of the upcoming H2020 calls these consortia can significantly improve their visibility and chances of success by participating in the DARCY CENTER.

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